Politics of Public Health (PSC 325)

Course Description:

“This course will offer an in-depth exploration the role of law in the design and implementation of public health programs and the protection of the health interest of individuals and groups in society. It is designed for students who do not have prior experience or education in law, and covers the structure, concepts, and process of decision-making on health matters in legislative, administrative and judicial bodies.”

My Reflection:

This course taught a comprehensive outlook on public health in the federal government and the United States as a whole. Professor Roche was very thorough in his teaching of not only the definition and examples of what is considered to be matters of public health. But also in what factors into decisions of what is public health and what is not through something he calls lenses. These lenses are concepts and facts which factor into what is considered to be matters of public health. These factors are political factors, economic factors, social determinants and legal factors. And he provides a comprehensive and thorough analysis of all of these factors and more as we read and learn about the world of public health.

Final Assignment For The Course