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This website will be home to not only my college education portfolio. But also to the classes I am enrolled in and the blog which I’ve begun around cooking. I like to think of myself as an aspiring chef. I love food! Not just eating it although I will admit there comes a lot of joy from that. But the science of it and the creativity you can achieve though it. Culinary skills harness talent, creativity, finesse, skill and passion. I do most of my learning about cooking through watching youtube videos of Gordon Ramsay and also Binging with Babish. There are wonderful teachers to cooking whether it be the basics and steps you need to take to get a tasty meal or learning techniques that Michelin star chefs around the world practice. I have a profound admiration for the culinary and restaurant industry and through my blog I will show you with visual aid and memes (yes really) that cooking is a passion people should take up.