DS106 The Brady Bunch Remix

When I first saw the prompt for the DS106 assignment called “The Brady Bunch Remix” I was at that moment sitting with my dog laying on top of me. And keep in mind he is a 145 lbs Great Dane so it was not very comfortable for me. And when I saw the prompt I knew I wanted to make it into a dog theme. So I decided to collage all my favorite dog breeds on this. As you can see I’m a pretty big fan of big dog breeds. Breeds such as Siberian Husky’s (bottom left), Doberman Pinschers (bottom middle), Great Danes (bottom left), German Shepherds (middle right), Rottweilers (middle left), Golden Retriever (top right), Australian Shepherd (top middle) and Pit Bulls (top left). One day when I have my own house and family I want to get one of each of these dog breeds, probably not all at the same time for obvious reasons but I love these breeds and I want to have these dogs for my own.