DS106: Home Video GIF

Whenever someone comes over my house the thing that they remember the most are my dogs. I have two great danes named Maverick and Buddy, and a Australian Shepherd/ Blue Heeler mix named Cooper. And they are the stars of the show at my house. Maverick is shy but energetic and loveable, he likes to sit on peoples laps as if he is a lap-dog. But what he doesn’t realize is that he is 145 lbs and crushes people who aren’t used to his weight. Buddy is the great dane in the video above. He is similar to Maverick in his loveable and energetic-ness. But differs from his brother by being overly confident, not at all shy and his energy is 10x more than Mavericks. Buddy loves to be the center of attention and to get right in peoples faces like he does to my friend Jarrett in the video above. And lastly Cooper is loveable but is mostly just known for trying not to get stepped on by Maverick and Buddy since they outweigh and outsize him. These dogs are the center of my world and keep me and everyone around them laughing all day long.