Feminist Theory (PSC 450)

Course Description:

“This course will begin by exploring various schools of contemporary feminist theory. We will then ask how proponents of these schools analyze and criticize specific institutions and practices. Throughout the semester, attention will be paid to the ways gender relations shape formation and interpretation of specifically political experience.”

My Reflection:

This course taught me many things about not only the feminist movement but also the logistics and theories involved. Through a comprehensive teaching of many feminist theory authors such as Simmone De Beauvoir, Carol Gilligan, Valerie Solanas, Katherine MacKinnon and Dorothy Dinnerstein. We learned many different views of not only women throughout time, but also men and how the genders relate and treat one another. Through this course you can expect to not only gain insight into the feminist movement, but also gain an understanding of the lengths and achievements this movement has undertaken and achieved. And you will also learn various theories on solutions to this issue.

Final Assignment For The Course