Code-Academy Evidence

Code Academy:

Code Academy is an online learning website full of interactive modules to aid in the learning of computer and technology coding. These courses are self paced, have no due dates and no final grades. It is a website designed to be user friendly and at the convience of the users. It teaches technological skills in coding such as CSS, HTML and other courses associated in coding.

What I’ve Learned From Code Academy:

Although I like to think of myself as “tech-savvy” and enjoy using and learning about computers, I was not prepared for the world of coding. I have taken apart and built computers by hand but that is hardware. Software is a whole other ballfield. Code-academy helped me to round my knowledge of computers through software and coding. The HTML and CSS courses helped me to understand all of the technical elements that is required when making not only new webpages and elements therein, but also a general concept of coding in general. This being java or python. Today when we here the word “coding” or “hacking” we think of the matrix scene with the green letters and symbols or typing quickly in a computer and bouncing signals off of satellites and other hollywoodized concepts of coding. However real life coding is a lot like math. There are formulas and symbols and if you plug all these elements in correctly then you might be able to make your laptop say “Hello Michael nice to meet you!.” This was a very useful and realistic tutorial into the world of coding and being able to choose when I learn it at my own leasure helped me greatly.

Screenshots of Achievements: