DS106 Assignment: Say it like the peanut butter

Today’s daily create assignment was to create a gif of a movie that you either loved or hated and to use the gif to exemplify why. I decided to make my gif about the movie The Last Airbender which premiered in 2010. This horrific film was based off of the childhood favorite TV show of mine called Avatar The Last Airbender. I thought this was an appropriate subject since the classic childhood TV show just came to Netflix and many children much younger than I are now beginning to understand my glee from watching this show. The movie made from it was truly an injustice to the original show for many reasons and not just including the horrible acting and character portrations. The original show is about four nations of people at war and in each nation people have the ability to bend the elements (fire, water, earth and air) and one of these remarkable people is called the avatar. The avatar has the ability to control all of the elements and is tasked with bringing balance to the world. A benders element is like an extension of themself, and in this movie they portray bending in a truly awful way, and this is my biggest complaint with the movie. My second one is the story line which they completely ruined but I will focus on the bending. In the show they portray bending as an artform and also a weapon. Similar to another sense, the benders ability to control an element is portrayed in the show to be an extension of themself, a tool and a weapon. There is a noble and wise practice in learning the bending and the movie does not portay this at all. As you can see from the GIF it is more of a workout than an artform in the movie. They use it as a weapon only and the movements they make are exhaustive and tiresome to watch. I highly reccomend watching the show, the story line and characters are amazing and they can portay much wisdom. And I also reccomend either not watching the movie, or watching it just to experience how awful it is.