DS106 Work: Demotivation Assignment

This picture defines me perfectly as a person. I have an extremely troubling time not procrastinating on work that I need to be doing. Its one of my biggest fatal flaws. Although the majority of the time recently and typically throughout my life video games may not have been what distracts me the most. Recently this has been either watching youtube or texting my girlfriend. And yet somehow I find myself nearing the end of either important assignments or the end of the semester cramming as much information into my head at the very last minute in order to get ready for finals. Or I’m writing an 8-10 page paper two days before it is do. And if I am honest I make the excuse that I work best under pressure and that’s when I get my best work done. But to be honest again it is not worth the stress, I get incredibly stressed during these times and although it only goes for a few days and then is over after I turn in the assignment, the stress during the time I work on it is immense. I am going to try and get better before I graduate and I hope that this class will be the one where I perfect doing my work before it is do. I have been the victim of some tough circumstances in the beginning of this course which is why some assignments may have been late or not done. But I will try much harder now to be better!