Selfie With Your Pets

My family and I are obsessed with big dogs. Great danes, german shepherds, Siberian huskies and about a million more. Big dogs are by far the best friends you can ask for. They are goofy, adorable, loyal and full of so much love for their people. And my dogs are no exception. Maverick (the all white dog) is the oldest of our two Great Danes. He’s sweet and gentle and incredibly funny.

My next dog is Buddy, he is the youngest of the three dogs I have and he is another great dane. All of the emotional qualities that Maverick has, Buddy also has but dialed up to 11. Out of the three of my dogs Buddy is by far the most goofy and it is wonderful. He will keep you laughing and laughing all day he never stops his goofiness.

And last but not least comes Cooper. He is an austrailian blue heeler mix from Mississippi. He was rescued from a tornado and put up for adoption which is how we found him. He is an incredibly happy dog all the time, never in a bad mood and always looking for food. He is never not hungry even though we feed him throughout the day.

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